Our work is guided by our mission – Smart Sustainable Design – and our core values


Honest and Friendly

We are candid, open and approachable, and fun to work with.



We connect the dots and craft MEP/FP solutions with the whole building in mind, not just our slice of it.



We work well with a broad range of project- and personality-types, viewing the team’s success as our success.



We raise our hands enthusiastically to take on new challenges!


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We strive to cultivate a team that reflects and embraces the diversity of the communities we serve.


Thirst for Learning

We are committed to advancing our skills and credentials, constantly seeking new ways to add value to our clients.

At PEI, Diversity is a Journey . . . and a Destination

Since our founding in 1992, we have collaborated with and served diverse communities through our work, our philanthropy, and our community involvement. We know from experience that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment, and better results for our clients. We aspire to recruit and retain a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. We hire the best people and provide virtually unlimited access to life-long learning and professional development. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. There will always be work to be done, but with the help of our entire community – our employees, clients, and partners — we can ensure equity for all.

Petersen Engineering is a JUST organization

Petersen Engineering has recently renewed as a JUST-certified firm. The JUST label is a voluntary program that allows an organization to measure and define its commitment to equity and social justice. The certification process required us to take an in-depth and honest look at our operation at all levels, from employee culture to financial investment, to assess our commitment to social justice in the workplace. It has helped us confirm where we are on track and has pushed us to do better in some areas. It has also provided us with a framework the tools to take concrete action, along with a group of peers who support us and hold us accountable to do better. Click here to learn more about the start of our JUST journey. We’ll look forward to updating our policies and practices as we continue to learn how best to live our firm’s values.